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Individual Therapy

       Treatment Program       

~Building a life worth living~

Every client is assigned an individual therapist from the DBT Psychology Clinic team for the duration of the program. Individual therapy sessions are scheduled for an hour every week. The focus is on tracking emotions and behaviours and balancing acceptance with change.

Skills Training Group

The skills training component of the program consists of three eight-week modules:  1. Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation, 2. Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance and 3. Mindfulness and Interpersonal Skills. To receive maximum benefit from the program, clients are required to complete all three modules twice.

Phone Coaching

As part of the DBT Psychology Clinic service, clients are able to make contact by phone with members of the treating team. These calls provide the opportunity for skills coaching during challenging situations. 

Consult Team

Every member of the treating team is required to attend a weekly two-hour consultation meeting. We are a community of therapists treating a community of clients. While each client will have a particularly strong relationship with their individual therapists, every therapist on our team has a responsibility to every client on our program.

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