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DBT Skills Training for Health Professionals

~Building a self-care village in a workaholic world~

For mental health professionals we offer a DBT Skills Training Group that combines CPD with experiential learning. This is a unique opportunity to learn DBT Skills in a safe collegial environment. 

This program is designed to help mental health professionals to develop effective self-care skills necessary for the prevention of burn out. We believe that self-care improves both practitioner health and patient outcome. The program also aids in the development of clinical skills and gives a deeper understanding of the dialectical philosophy of DBT.

Though DBT was originally developed for the treatment of chronically suicidal patients, DBT Skills are now used not only in clinical settings for a number of clinical conditions, but in schools, colleges, corporations and other organisational settings for the purpose of improvement of the emotional environment, team morale and individual wellbeing. 

How does the program work?

We follow the standard DBT protocol, which combines lectures, discussion and practice of specific skills that are essential for effective self-care. The program runs in three 8-week modules:

•    Mindfulness & Distress Tolerance

•    Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation, and

•    Mindfulness & Interpersonal Effectiveness

The program runs in small groups to ensure personal attention for each participant. New participants can join at the beginning of each module.



If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact DBT Psychology Clinic on or phone us on 0434 595 195 


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